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    As part of the modernization/restoration of my audio system I acquired Bluesound Node 2 players. And in general I'm quite happy with them: the iPhone and the iPad controller apps work well and are fairly easy in use. The players themselves are OK, they just do what they should, output a data stream to my DACs (TEAC UD-501).

    This thread's title stems from my experience with software updates, both player and app updates. These Bluesound guys do not seem to understand that you have to maintain existing functionality when rolling out new features. In the year that I own their players there were 2 instances where they broke things.

    The first instance: major update to V2 of BluOS, their ecosystem of the players' operating systems and the companion apps for iOS and Android. And upon, as they claim, requests of many users they introduced the AutoFill feature: tap one song of an album and the rest of the album is automatically added to the playlist. That upset me and a lot of others because this feature was not defeatable! So I went back to V1 of the NAD app that is compatible with Bluesound and continued to use that, again like many others. After a major uproar on the Bluesound forum, to which I wholeheartedly contributed :), finally the AutoFill feature became optional by a setting in the configuration menu. They stubbornly resisted to doing this for quite some time but it looks like the outcry was too fierce in the end. Phew! I was seriously contemplating ditching the Bluesound stuff because it was such an annoyance to use.
    For the record, a smaller niggle still hasn't been resolved: earlier you could configure the app so that you could simply tap 4 tracks and they would play in the order you tapped them. Not now, the order is OK but it always starts playing the last tapped track, and no configuration setting is offered to change this behavior. Mildly annoying but not enough to quit.

    Second instance: new library management, allowing way more tracks to be indexed. Fine. And again they broke existing functionality. The controllers offer a selection by composer, so I edited all my metadata tags to include the composer, like Beethoven, Ludwig van. In the new version the comma is considered a separator, so now the list of composers features Beethoven and Ludwig van, neither of them showing any associated albums nor tracks.
    So I reported on this bug.
    So again, they decided to satisfy requests from users, not realizing that existing users that are simply happy with how it works, do not say anything. At least this time they acknowledge the claim to keep things working as they were. But I still have to see what their solution looks like, fingers crossed.

    These two instances of simply breaking my player, because that's how it feels, have made me quite angry with these guys. I'm likely to switch to another system if they screw up like that again, although I'm absolutely not looking forward to such an operation.
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